Dietary Requirements

So far we offer boxes for meat eaters and vegetarians but we haven’t started boxes for specific dietary requirements and allergies just yet. We really want to get these core products absolutely right before we start adding new boxes to the range, but it is definitely on our radar!

In the meantime we do have a lot of customers with strict dietary requirements who still use us but substitute certain ingredients from their own cupboard to cater for their particular needs. It’s pretty easy to do as we send you all of the ingredients portioned out so that you can easily remove something from the recipe and put in what you need.

We do have a meal preference option, which you can add to your subscription. From this, you can select from either 'Pork Free', 'Fish Free', 'Low Calorie', 'Chef's Choice' or 'Quick & Easy'. If you like surprises, you can always leave it as 'No Preference' and we'll send you our top 3 recipes each week. 

You can always see our upcoming menus in advance so you can check whether you want to take a delivery the next week. 

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